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The DfE technical guidance and its content is intended for internal use by the DfE community.



For general queries:

Access to service portal

The service portal is the standard tool to request IT changes in DfE. It is based on ServiceNow.

Civil servants automatically receive an account and access to the service portal.

Contractors may not be onboarded automatically. Should they require it, their line manager can onboard them using the New starter form. They can request a DfE device with VPN access, or an account with web only access called Bring your own device (BYOD).

Service now ITIL view

Employees working in IT can have access to the full Service now interface to create changes and incidents, give approvals, chase a ticket, etc.

They gain access when they are added to a group using the Service Portal - Groups/Permissions form.

Infrastructure and Network Operations

For requests related to DNS, Azure CIP, Azure DfE (Tier 1), Azure DevOps…

Use the Any other request form:

  • Category: Non-standard
  • Business service: Shared IT core services
  • Service offering: Choose most appropriate

Slack channels:


CIP engineering

Platform support

For requests related to SSL certificates, StatusCake, Github (ESFA organisation), Non-CIP Azure DevOps and Heroku dfe team.

Teacher services infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure and automation for Teacher services

Digital Tools Support

For requests related to Gsuite, Slack, Github (DFE-Digital organisation), DockerHub,, Sentry, Heroku…

Check the forms at the top of the Slack channel.

DFE Sign-In

Slack channel: #dfe_sign-in